Who We Are


beyond currency, beyond commerce, towards a better world

We envision a world in which currency generated through positive human emotions facilitates meaningful relationships that reward and empower difference makers committed to building a better world.

ASANTe is on a mission to leverage blockchain innovation and revolutionize eCommerce by building a bridge between web 2 and web3 to promote and reward socially responsible content creators and businesses contributing to healthier digital and local communities.

At ASANTe, we are on a relentless pursuit to build a community that generates and transacts the first social currencies to embed messages of gratitude and appreciation uplifting our spirit and facilitating transactions that empower small businesses and non-profits to build healthier communities around the world…

…because, we believe that when they thrive, we ALL thrive!

Our Team

Vitalie Aremescu

Founder ASANTe
Founder Global Database Solutions- raised 1.5Mil Euro in seed founding Co-Founder EBS-Integrator, FinTech Developer, Working to create a better world.

Camelia Fawzy

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Inclusive Vision, Consultant 15Five, Author, Researcher, Org. Dev. consultant with a focus on inclusive cultures, CSR efforts, & employee engagement, Adjunct Faculty, UMGC MBA.

Matei Fawzy

Founder/Head UX & Business Development
Honors Student, CU Boulder, Leeds School of Business , CU Boulder Freeski Team Member.

Ivan Giron

Founder/CEO Spockland-mobile software dev. Founder/CEO Alcaller- raised Series B funding 30+ years experience as product manager with Motorola, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Corona Networks, Intelsat, among others.

Ian Hochberg

Fin. Consultant
30+yrs in strategic consulting, interim c-level mgmt., development services to early-stage start-ups from multiple sectors including IT. Currently, Director/CFO of an AI/big data start-up.

Gretchen Richards

Founder Dynamic Business Capabilities, 25+ technical and management experience, bringing 2Bn in revenue for MCI, working on cutting edge, innovative projects and supporting startup companies to reach up to 10X growth during her CIO/COO tenure.

Iulian Tache

Founder ASANTe
Founder/CEO H2O Distribution Romania & Central Europe 25+ years experience in Sales & Marketing, Community & Business Development, Working to Create a better world

Bogdan C. Stanache

Advisory Board member
Bogdan C. Stanache is a global technology practitioner, entrepreneur and advocate for global economic development.

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